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Harvest Oaks Church
“Covenant Membership - Member Certificate”
By the Grace of God, I have been led to repent of my sins and put my faith, trust and hope in
Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I have confessed my faith before other people, so that He will
confess me before my Father.  I have also shown outwardly my inward faith by putting on the
example of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by being baptized by immersion.

Now therefore in the presence of God, by His Grace, and through the humble reliance on the Holy
Spirit, I joyfully and solemnly enter into this Covenant with the Covenant Membership of Harvest
Oaks Church.

I will walk together with those in covenant with me in Christian love through the power of the Holy
Spirit, with the bond of unity always as my first priority, and faithfully participate in the church’s

I will not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, but be found faithful to the vision of the
church through my participation in Fellowship, Worship, and in Discipleship.

I pledge not only to support and defend the church doctrine, but also to exhibit the values this
church holds dearly and to exercise them in my day to day life.

I commit myself to financially contribute cheerfully and regularly to this church for its general
ministry and expenses to fulfill its vision and to carry out the great commission of sharing the
gospel with the world.

I will support, encourage, pray for and obey those who are over me in the Lord.  I will submit to
their spiritual leadership and guidance as long as it lines up with the Word of God.  I desire and
want the Elders of the church to discipline me when needed and will humbly submit through my
willingness to confess and repent of my sin.  

I will strive to by God’s grace and power to live as Christ in the world and will seek to fulfill my
calling by Jesus to be salt and light.  I will do this: by guarding my testimony and being faithful in all
responsibilities and commitments, by abiding by the standards of sexual purity and ethical
integrity.  By God’s grace, through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and by the encouragement and
support of my church family I commit myself to not bringing reproach upon Christ or this church.  

I purpose to be slow to take offense, always eager to seek reconciliation, and will work to preserve
the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  I will do this by watching over others in brotherly love,
to remember one another in prayer, and to help one another in sickness and distress.

I resolve to practice personal and family fellowship, worship, and discipleship all the while looking
for opportunities to train and to disciple my self and my family to the image of Jesus.  I covenant
not to be a consumer only of this church and her resources, but I will be faithful to be a participant
by sharing my spiritual gifts, talents, and resources with my church family so as to help grow and
edify one another.
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