1403 E. Bethany Dr., Allen, TX 75002  (214) 495-9651
Sundays @ 10:30 am  &  Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm
Harvest Oaks is a reality born out of a vision given to Pastor Jay for the need for a
church that reaches to the local communities in parts of Collin County, Texas.

This vision was given to him, while he had been filling in for several churches without a
pastor.  In fact, several of them asked that he accept their invitation to come be their
pastor, but I he didn't feel that was God's will for he and his family at the time.

Later that same year, Pastor Jay began to hear God's calling to begin a new church in
the North Dallas area.  From that day on he continued to wrestle with God about this
calling.  He found himself wrestling just like Moses who wrestled with his own lack of
ability and knowledge to do the work.

Late one night while walking alone praying and seeking God's will, Pastor Jay began to
wrestle with God one last time saying
"I can't do it, God!"  He used every excuse in the
book of why he could not do it and every excuse in the book why he could do one of
those already existing churches who wanted him to come be their pastor.  

It was then that he heard God ask him,
"Do you want to give Me credit or Glory in your
Pastor Jay came to that realization that the only true way to give God glory was
that he had to do something that he "couldn't do", but that only God "could do"!  

So he sat down and surrendered to God's vision for him, his family, and for his ministry
to begin a new church in this North Dallas city of Allen.  

From there God led Jay and Ashlee to have several families over to their house in Allen
to share with them about this vision.  It was from that meeting that led them to begin
this new church as a once a week Bible Study in their home.  

Then after some time and after much prayer, four families committed themselves to this
vision and as they say...the rest is history!

The church purchased
the 4 acres in the heart of Allen located at 1403 E. Bethany Dr
and remodeled the old house which they are currently using for services.

Check back for more history as the church continues to be faithful to the vision!