1403 E. Bethany Dr., Allen, TX 75002  (214) 495-9651
Sundays @ 10:30 am  &  Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm
For those who chose "in-person" gathering, know we have done all we
can to make our "in-person" gathering as safe and clean as possible.  

If you chose the "in-person" gathering option, you may begin to arrive
at the facilities
15 minutes prior to an event / service.  Prior to that, the
doors will remain locked nor a door attender present. When you arrive
at the church you / your family will need to wait at the front door until it
is open for you by the attender.  

This person will be the one to open the door for you and provide you
with hand sanitizer
and a mask if you are needing one.  At this time
we do require a mask to be worn during the service.  

Once you have come in to the facility we ask you to respect each
persons space by continuing to social distance with 6 foot between
each family and to remain with your family.  Once you have utilized
the hand sanitizer you can
begin to chose the seats you prefer for you
and your family.

The Sanctuary seats will be assigned first and then the Welcome
may be utilized with an online video if needed for overflow.  

Once both rooms have been filled, we will no longer be allowing any
more attendance for that service due to social distancing and for the
safety of all who choose to be present for
the "in-person" gathering.

Thanks to all and we will see you in the Lord's House as we dig into
the Lord's Word, around the Lord's people to worship the Lord!