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Our Vision has a three-fold purpose that is fulfilled through our different ministries!
Music Ministry
Media Ministry
Our Children's Ministry (K-5th Grade) meets for Discipleship on Wednesday's from
7:00-8:00pm @ the Church and other times during the month for Fellowship! We
believe that this is an important age in which the children begin to develop their
Bible knowledge and solid foundations that will help them throughout their lifetime!
Our Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade) meets for Discipleship on Wednesday's from
7:00 - 8:00pm @ the Church and other times throughout the month for Fellowship!  We
believe it is important for our youth to hang out with other believers and to grow in their
confidence to take a stand for Christ in a difficult and peer pressured environment!
The Men's Ministry meets for the purpose of Fellowship once a month!  This is a great
place for men to Fellowship with one another and to grow closer in their relationships
realizing that God's Word says that by doing so we can be found "iron sharpening iron"!
The Women's Ministry meets for the purpose of Fellowship during the month!  Watch the
bulletin each week for more information on events to fellowship with other women!  This
is a great time to be able to be there for each other when the need arises!
Our Music Ministry leads us in Worship each Sunday morning during our Celebration
Service!  We are a "blended music" style, which means we sing contemporary songs of
praise, modernized hymns, and spiritual choruses to worship our risen Savior!
We believe that Jesus commanded the local church to go and make disciples in Matthew
28:18-20 and commands them to also in Acts 1:8 be a witness in "...Jerusalem (City),
Judea (State), Samaria (Nation), and Uttermost Part (International)..." Because of this we
support each witness of ours by prayer, encouragement, financial and physical help!
We believe this is one of the most important ministries of a church! Without this ministry
no power within that local church.  The Prayer TEAM meets every Sunday there is
morning from 9:30-10:00 at the church for a time of prayer!  The Prayer TEAM also has a
Prayer Chain that gets a text to their phone during the week to pray for a specific need!
The sermons and videos from several of our ministries are placed on
our YouTube Channel.  You can listen to the Messages each week
that are shared from the Pulpit of Harvest Oaks. We just ask that you
not substitute this for your time with other believers or from your time
with the church where your membership is located.
We produce our own Sermon Logos and prefer to them be used more
than just the one time each Sunday. As a result, we would like to give
them to you for free. We just ask you to let us know if you used any so
we know this resource is being used so we do not discontinue doing
this.  To see the logos click on the pic to the left.
Logo Ministry
Social Media Ministry
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For information on our Annual Vacation Bible School
Ministry each year click on the link to the left.  If you
are wanting info on dates, times, schedules, how to
register your kids click on the link to the left.
Vacation Bible School Ministry